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Foundation Of Nova Network

Nova Network has opted to launch as an ERC20 token and stay on the Ethereum blockchain, with the majority of the swap from ERC20 already completed. This decision was made due to the potential bias associated with non-Ethereum chains, which are often tied to exchanges that use the chains as a barter for listings, making them non-neutral. As a result, the liquidity of non-Ethereum chains on non-native exchanges is not substantial, even for larger chains.
Ethereum is known for being the first blockchain to support smart contract functionality, and it has a strong network effect, with a larger number of users, developers, and projects being built on top of it. This translates to more robust tooling and infrastructure, better security, and more liquidity for Nova Network.
We remain vigilant in monitoring proposed Ethereum network scaling and gas price improvements, such as optimistic rollups, to ensure that it remains a robust blockchain for Nova Network's solutions. Currently, we are not exploring integrations with other blockchains.