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Nova Tokenomics

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    Total Supply: Nova Network (NOVA) has a total token supply of 888,888 tokens. This carefully designed tokenomics is intended to ensure that the supply is adequately distributed, allowing for a fair and equitable distribution of tokens among users. With a large token supply, Nova Network aims to provide ample opportunities for users to access and utilise the platform's various features and services.
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    Transactional Tax: Each transaction incurs a 5% tax on buying and selling, out of which 4% is directly sent out to the marketing wallet and 1% is used for buy backs. This approach encourages users to hold their tokens while also generating crucial resources for advancing the networks outreach efforts.
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    Safety Measures: In order to ensure the transparency and security of the Nova token, the liquidity of the token will be locked upon launch. This means that the initial liquidity pool will be locked in a smart contract, preventing any unauthorised access or manipulation of the pool.
    Additionally, the contract for the Nova token will be renounced, meaning that the developer will not have any control over the token or the smart contract after deployment. This ensures that the token is truly decentralised and community-driven, with no centralised authority controlling its distribution or governance.